Be Yourself, Be Positive.

Be true to yourself.

With a half full glass.

Never get worried if you ain’t got enough brass.

Write it down and say it loud.

Always remember you’re uniquely individual, be proud.

Never become just one of the crowd.

Challenge yourself every day however small.

So tomorrow you can hold your head up and walk tall.


Phrase of MIND

What’s your State of mind they always ask? You’re just playing Mind games expecting an answer.

Do you really care about what’s on my mind, what I really think? My thoughts are mine; my conscious state belongs to me and me alone. Please get out of my head, get out of my mind, my life is my own for me to own and me alone.

But all you say in return is, never mind, please frame your mind, you’re caught in two minds, mind how you go, and if you’re not careful you’ll lose your mind.

But I have a mind of my own, I have an open mind. This should not be a battle of hearts and minds; I know my own mind. So I can set your mind at ease, if you have a mind’s eye and a minds set to do so. It’s a question of mind over matter, yet you believe I’ll lose my mind, thinking I’ve only half a mind. Never mind, I hear you say just go to the gym and exercise as they say a healthy body and healthy mind “. Or “go on holiday because travel broadens the mind”.

Your comments had never crossed my mind; your words don’t blow my mind. You think your reasoning is mind blowing and mind boggling, expecting me to change my mind

Don’t underestimate me I’m of sound mind, so mind your own business, and never you mind about criticising me. My mind is my own, to do as I please. It’s my soul, my inner self, my friend and my enemy.

I control my mind and my mind controls me together we conquer all as great minds think alike. Don’t ever cross your mind, as a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

You are what you are, indisputably you, unique and individual in spirit and in mind. You are one in a billion an original person that needs to remember you have a mind of your own love it and it will love you.

A time and a place; You must live in………..

You must live in…….

Spilt red wine on the white wool carpet – you must live in STAINS

You need a hip operation – you must live in IPSWICH

You go to the Pub near the stream- you must live in INNSBRUCK

Your baby is wrapped up in a warm jacket – you must live in SWADLINCOTE

If you have a big pile of money – you must live in RICHMOND

If your dipping your bread finger in cream cheese – you must live in PHILADELPHIA

If you’ve got a reindeer powered car – you must live in SANTA CRUZ

If your name in Noah and your building another boat – you must live in NEWARK

If you like sleeping in your car – you must live in BEDFORD

You make great cakes – you must live in BAKEWELL

That’s expensive meat in your sandwich – you must live in DEREHAM

If all the party food is left – you must live in NUNEATON

If your new vehicle matches your lips – you must live in REDCAR

If you have a massive choice of meats and cheeses and foreign foods – you must live in DELHI

You’re a very religious person – you must live in CHRISTCHURCH

If your mother has just left you – you must live in MUMBAI

She only eats tinned food -you must live in CANNES

He is a pyromaniac -you must live in BERN

He’s a thoughtful undertaker – you must live in BURY

She collects small pebbles – you must live in LITTLE ROCK

If you can walk over the river on that fallen tree – you must live in WOODBRIDGE

If you wander here and there – you must live in ROME

If you’re a magic roundabout rabbit stuck on a lunch of ice – you must live in DILLENBURG

Love to open a bottle of wine- you must live in CORK

If you’re royalty and you’ve been naughty- you must live in KINGSCOURT

Her house was full of food – you must live in STOCKHOLM

Kate has a fight with her prince – you must live in FORT WILLIAM

If you’re a lumberjack- you must live in CEDAR FALLS

The muggle boy that Harry shares a home with – you must live in DUDLEY

If you like lots of different shades – you must live in GRAYS

If you have flees in your pants – you must live in HITCHIN

If your plumber can stop these – you must live in LEEK

If you’re a water baby – you must live in POOLE

This couple like aftershave and perfume – you must live in COLOGNE

If you’re my brothers daughter – you must live in NICE

I’m not quite sure of her name – you must live in GENOA

If your tired of these places BUCHAREST

Favourite Aunt.

Auntie septic she always nursed my cuts and grazes

Auntie Freeze she knitted wonderful warm scarves

Auntie Coagulant I don’t know what she put in her soup but it was always watery

Auntie Competitive she would never play games with us.

Auntie Body she was a fitness freak

Auntie Glare he wore sunglasses even in the middle of winter

Auntie Viral she posted videos of me on the internet

Auntie Climax she always told me the end of the film before I watched it

Auntie Static no dust would ever go near her house.

Auntie Slavery she never made me do any housework

Auntie Poverty she left me all her money

Auntie Feminist well you can make your own mind up what she was like.

NaPoWriMo 2018: The Last word (for now):

Last poem I’ll write

For today and tonight

Thirty I have written

Can’t believe I’ve managed that many.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed them,

Maybe not all, If only just a few

We’ve all embraced this challenge

And given it a damned good try

We’ve laughed we’ve smiled and even cried.

Been dismayed and angered

Enlightened and occasionally frightened.

Ones that went too quick others so slow they lingered.

Along the way we’ve found new friends,

And Delighted existing ones.

Our thoughts we’ve surrendered,

Emotions run riot,

Poems read out loud,

Some spoken very quiet.

So I salute all you readers,

And joyous phenomenal writers,

And Poetry fighters.

The conquest of the written word,

This year is just about done.

Let’s face it, I’m sure you’ll all agree,

National Poetry writing Month,

Has been FUN.

NaPoWriMo 2018: Cyrillic


























NaPoWriMo 2018: Found

Acrimonious feeling like a dagger to the heart,

Supportive advice is hypocritical,

Ridiculing comments betray you,

Indifference to my plight is scathing,

Preposterous approach for a simple solution,

A desolate answer in a barren wilderness,

Clouding the judgement of myself,

Self-loathing and minuscule esteem is endemic,

Fighting for recognition,

Like stopping the tide from receding,

Perpetual emotional courage,

Belief and structured fortitude,

Rising above despair,

Fighting for self respect ,

Ignoring the ignorant,

Hate of the hatred,

Focus on your inner strength,

Believe in the one saviour,

The one that can heal your soul,

Your guardian angle to relieve your depression,

This solitary person that can break you free,

Where shall you find you,

I will not find you,












Believe in your self

Love yourself

And you can conquer all.

NaPoWriMo 2018: Train of discovery.



Train travel fast,

Train travel slow,

Train travel into the past,

Train travel where shall I go?


I’ll travel back to the 70’s,

An age of social change,

A time where youth is progressive,

And demand Cultural recognition.


Unions fight for better rights,

Energy crisis looms large,

Football is in a golden age,

And people still buy British cars.


Childhood crazes, Raleigh Chopper Bikes,

Casden Soccer and stretch Armstrong,

Evil Knievel stunt cycle,

And the start of the Star Wars adventure.


A time where life was simple,

And home cooking was the norm,

Fast food was just emerging,

And no one needed an obesity alarm.


Milk delivered to your door step,

Newspapers were your window to the world,

Vietnam War finally ended,

But the Cold War was still in full flow.


70’s is music to my ears,

Rock n’ Roll, Glam Rock and Punk,

Slade, Bowie, T-Rex, The Clash and Jonny Rotten,

A decade that most people have forgotten.


A decade my train must stop at,

Adventures to take part in,

A time to travel back too,

So I can relay these story’s to you.



Barney Bradshaw.

NaPoWriMo 2018: WARNING NOTICE read urgently or risk a bad day

And now for our daily prompt (optional, as always). Today, we challenge you to write a poem that takes the form of a warning label . . . for yourself!

Warning notice

Under no circumstances

No matter what you think

Even if it make you sick

Or makes your heart sink

I stress this warning completely

I beg and plead

It’s not to do with drinking

It’s not to do with feed

It’s dangerous if you undertake this task

Your mind will be confused

Please don’t do it

It’s absolutely rude

Do not ignore these warnings

Your thoughts will be in peril

And you day will be in turmoil

The people all around you

This act will make their blood boil

So this warning to yourself

Must be noted

Read and understood to keep your life good

So take note and heed this warning

Obey it implicitly

So here’s the instructions today

That takes this warning away

Just put your phone down and switch it off, I am warning.

While you eat breakfast with your family this morning.

s). Today, we challenge y

write a poem that takes the form of a warning label . . . for yourself!