Be Yourself, Be Positive.

Be true to yourself.

With a half full glass.

Never get worried if you ain’t got enough brass.

Write it down and say it loud.

Always remember you’re uniquely individual, be proud.

Never become just one of the crowd.

Challenge yourself every day however small.

So tomorrow you can hold your head up and walk tall.

Na/GloPoWriMo : Walk, a necessary risk??

A walk
A gentle relaxing walk
Taking the air
Exercising the lungs and body
A stress free amble to invigorate the mind
Free to go where you want
In the neighbourhood where you live.

It’s like walking alone as a little child
Crossing over when someone else is in front of you
Being scared of bumping into anyone
An irrational fear, yet at all cost you have to avoid them
Even in a playing field you change your route
Avoiding that dog walker or that dog will certainly bite you
I have a corner to traverse
But I can’t see around it
Someone may be coming
I might walk into them
We may touch
That can’t happen
I tentatively take a look
It’s clear free to go
But there’s three more corners before I get home
My heightened fear makes my pulse race
I’ve got to get home, the danger is great
It’s not due to bullies
Or those kids being bigger than me
It’s Covid-19 that’s making me fret
I’ve thankfully got home
The walk was 3 minutes 47 seconds long
I kept away from them
They all kept away from me
Keep apart, keep safe and stay home
When we’re free of this bug
We’ll then be free to roam
Till then stay at home.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep supporting our NHS.

No matter where you are in the world, compassion and respect for others and doing what’s right is what will get us through this.
This is a war against the virus and with our health systems and workers, well we can certainly say “Never before in healthcare is so much owed by so many to so few.” Respect your health workers guys we owe them.

We can beat this.

Na/GloPoWriMo : Black Widow.

Black Widow is her name
And Marvel is her game
She should have defeated Thanos
But died in saving them all is a shame
I’m sorry for the spoiler
But it really made me sad.

To cheer me up I’m glad to call
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
Will be back in the cinema this fall
Making me the happiest guy of them all.

Na/GloPoWriMo : Dictionography.

A word of caution
A sentence of doom
A paragraph of paraphernalia
You get it all, chapter and verse
It’s a novel idea
So I booked this poetry slot
To tell a tall story
But my papers still blank
Well apart from an ink blot.

Any writer no matter whether an amateur or however professional they are, will from time to time get stuck. It’s not always at the start of a project, essay, novel or just a short poem. It can be anywhere from the first or second sentence and even the last line of a 200k novel. I find this also to be the case when doing technical writing or in an email response to a question. But when we persevere through sheer determination we get there in the end.

Na/GloPoWriMo: I’m Staying in.

I’m staying in
I’m not going out
It’s not that I’m trying to get out of buying a round
I crave for someone to say, it’s your shout.

Staying in by order
No socialising for me
No socialising for you too
Got to stay in
Got to stay home.

But that’s okay
We’ve all been doing it for a while
No need to go shopping, when you do it online
Don’t pull me a pint because the supermarkets got mine

I’m stopping in again
No socialising, I’ve an app or two for that
A virtual conversation
Looking at memes to get me my laughs

I’m stopping in
No eye to eye contact
And when I dare go out
Keep our distance they shout
Coronavirus is wandering about

Yet we’ve been self isolating
Keep out of our local
Drinking alone and not at the pub
Keeping away from the shops
Punching buttons on lap tops

So when quarantine is over
And you don’t have to isolate
Physically go out shopping
Go to the pub or club to see a mate
Rekindle for a real social life
Take out your fella or you wife
Don’t stop in anymore
Get out
That’s why we saved your life.

Na/GloPoWriMo: Happy.

Happy is me
Happy all the day
Happy in the mind
Happy in my soul
Happy with my body
Happy all day long
Happy with my lot
Happy is made within
Happy is where we should begin
Happy at the end is a result
Happy can’t always happen
Happy is what we should strive for
Happy us to make others happy
Happy is what we need to be
Happy to be happy
Happy to read this
Happy making a happy world
Happy is the drug we need
Happy with a happy overdose
Happy makes us laugh and smile
Happy takes quite a while
Happy that we are free
Happy happy happy me.

Na/GloPoWriMo : Lockdown Lockdown.

Lockdown lockdown
It’s helping to protect me
I’m listed as high risk
For that I don’t want to be.

Lockdown lockdown
Medical teams are our hero’s
Putting themselves in risk is their sacrifice
We have to say “thank you” and be extra nice.

Lockdown lockdown
Those poor souls who we have lost
It should not be in vain
It’s sad that it was borne at great cost

Lockdown lockdown
Frustrating but happy (because at home we’re safer) at the same time
Working from home is essential
Colleagues in contact, help keep me sane.

Lockdown lockdown
Cookie jar only half empty
I have to keep optimistic
Okay the jars is now half full not empty,

Lockdown lockdown
The world looks pretty outside
Yet there’s a dangerous virus lurking
Let’s stay inside and hide.

Lockdown lockdown
Time to think of others
Common sense to keep us apart
We have to for humanity, that includes sisters, brothers, dads and mothers.

Lockdown lockdown
It won’t last forever, it will end
But when we come out the other side
Let’s hope everyone in the world will be best friends.

Be safe everyone and remember to follow the advise given. We owe it to ourselves, society and the whole world. Let’s fight this war against Coronavirus with kindness and respect not bullets and bombs. 102 years ago Spanish flu killed 42,000,000 throughout the world, together this time we can beat it. Follow your governments advise stay home, stay safe, save lives.

Na/GloPoWriMo : My head’s a shed

My head’s a shed
I have to lay down like a plank
It’s being squeezed
Like it’s been run over by a tank.

My head’s a shed
It’s very full
Too mush stress
Depression making it dull.

My head’s a shed
Confused my concentration dissipates
I need a walk in the fresh air
Remove myself from this shop I hate.

My head’s a shed
A man cave of wonders
It’s happy now, relaxed and content
Now I realise, it was only £5 and not £10 that I’ve spent.

Na/GloPoWriMo: Lonely and despondent!

I wrote the following poem while thinking about how hard it must be being quarantined from family and friends. Having time to yourself is a delight but not when it’s every day and every night. Enjoy.

Lonely and despondent
I’m isolated from you
I talk to myself daily
I answer myself with glee

Lonely and despondent
Craving company and solace
A voice, a face just some interaction
I don’t need loads just a fraction.

Lonely and despondent
It just me in my cavernous confines
I might still be here in April, May or even June
Being stuck here is a crime.

Lonely and despondent
No one to share my delicious food
No soul mate or companion
It’s making me feel antisocial and very rude.

Lonely and despondent
I’m not ill or even contagious
I don’t sneeze or ever cough
I’ve not seen a friend in ages

Lonely and despondent
I really need to escape
I keep going round in circles
I should keep still because that’s a mistake.

Lonely and despondent
It’s so quiet I can’t hear anything stir
You won’t let me have company
Yet it’s lonely being an Hampster.

Na/GloPoWriMo : I wash my hands

Yes I know it’s not National/Global Poetry Writing Month, till April, but I thought I would wet your appetite with a poem

I wash my hands
Scrub them with soap
The liquid kind
Not the one on a rope

I wash my hand
Because I’m told
Yet to me they look perfectly clean
Considering I only did them an hour ago, it’s making them look old.

I wash my hands
With sodium tallowate, palmate and cocoate
Fats that’s reacted with the chemical lye (potassium hydroxide)
Honest I don’t tell a lie.

I wash my hands
With composite chemical compounds
Used as a solvent
To dissolve and remove muck and dirt.

I wash my hands
To kill 99% of bacteria
Well that’s what it says on the bottle
Does it kill the good 1% as well as the bad?

I wash my hands
Removing natural oils
They chaff and itch
Removing the barrier that protects my skin.

I wash my hands
After everyone I greet
It’s not like they are mucky
You should see my feet.

I wash my hands
I use my common sense
For bacteria and viruses
It’s by far the best defence.

Stay safe everyone.