Back to the Future: TheMusical

From seeing the first film in the cinema the parts two and three, I’ve been hooked. It was a tune when cinemas and audiences were on the decline in the UK for standard tickets were as little as £1, which encouraged me to see film that I would probably not have seen.

The advent of DVD’s bought the films back into my life as well as what seemed regular showings on TV. I doubt whether six months pass without me seeing at least one or all movies.

Last year I had heard that Back to the future was going to be made into a musical. It sparked an interest, but I anticipated that it would be in theatre’s in Broadway or if remotely possible the West End. So I thought little more of it till my birthday. I was overwhelmed at receiving tickets for the first weekend of the inaugural performances at no other than The Opera House, Manchester. Wow what a birthday present from my wife and daughters who would accompany me.

It’s been a long wait and at times still difficult to realise I have a ticket. But the excitement being still there was slightly subdued by not knowing how the film would be set and transferred to stage and to music. I tried not to have preconceived ideas or thoughts on how this could be achieved. How could it possibly work without the original cast and the beloved Delorean? Knowing that Bob Gale is instrumental to the production with

Well without any spoilers I cat categorically say the transfer to stage has been executed in the utmost precision. What make it, other than the staging, props and special effects is the attention to detail in selecting the cast.

Olly Dobson has got Marty McFly off to a tee, with his mannerisms, actions and voice, not an easy task but I applaud him.

Roger Bart, playing Doc Brown, is probably the most difficult character to portray. Christopher Lloyd is a unique actor who is totally irreplaceable so to play the Doc takes guile skill and complete devotion to method acting based on the system evolved by Stanislavsky. And boy does he not let let Christopher Lloyd down. A superb performance taking the part by the scruff of the neck and making it his own.

My biggest adulation goes to Hugh Coles portrayal of George McFly, a part expertly characterised by Crispin Glover in the films, yet Coles performance is astounding of such a difficult character to get right. The performances are so close to each other you could not measure the gap with a micrometer.

But don’t think that the whole show is based around these three actors, the whole cast fitted together like a flux capacitor in a Delorean, an generated well over 1.21 Gigawattsof enthusiasm from the audience every member of the cast contributed with skill and professionalism including Oliver Ormson playing one of Biffs heavies, who is listed as Biffs understudy played his part to a tee.

Where next for Back to the Future the musical, well from my impression the show will complete its 12 week run which will be a resounding success. I can’t honestly see it not hitting the London West End and hopefully with the same cast.

As for the stage production going to Broadway, well all I can say is “you kids are going to love it”.

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