Me: Concentration where are you?

Concentration: Shhhhh

Me: Don’t shhh me, come here I need you?

Concentration: Why?

Me: Without you I can’t focus.

Concentration: Buy a pair of spectacles then.

Me: You should concentrate on what I’m saying, I didn’t mean glasses.

Concentration: It’s you that’s not concentrating. It was you that was not being precise and accurate with your words.

Me: I know, I wasn’t concentrating, that’s why I need you.

Concentration: Really?

Me: I think so.

Concentration: if you start thinking maybe you won’t need me.

Me: But I need you to concentrate, so my mind doesn’t wander while I’m thinking. I bet it’s still raining.

Concentration: Yes it’s still raining.

Me: I bet it’s still windy. I wonder what’s for tea?

Concentration: So you’ve forgotten about me then.

Me: Sorry, what was I asking about, I can’t remember?

Concentration: Maybe you need to find your memory first before asking for your concentration to come back?

Me: Oh yes, that’s it I need you, my concentration, to be able to switch my memory back on, please?

Concentration: So you want us both then?

Me: Did I hear you say I need to go to the opticians?

Concentration: No!

Me: So where are you?

Concentration: Why?

Me: Because I need you, as my life is falling to bits and I don’t know what to do.

Concentration: Sounds like you need more that concentration.

Me: Why what else do I need?

Concentration: Well you’ll need ,determination, thought and most probably common sense. Also you’ll need knowledge, get up and go, and you will need to talk to friends and family to ask for help.

Me: Okay I will, but I still need concentration to pull everything together.

Concentration: Okay, I’m back. Collectively we need to stay positive and make sure we all stick together and work hard to point you back in the right direction, you need to focus!

Me: So I’m right I do need to go to the opticians?

Concentration: From that comment I know you have definitely missed your concentration……….

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