Poem a poet wrote.


I read a poem a poet wrote
I think I’m in his head.
Not knowing why he selected each word or why they go together.
What was the reason for the poem and why did you write it so. I cannot connect, but I wonder why and try and try and try.
What meaning is there in this poem you’ve written? Is it the sound of the words that make it so, or does it reflect the way your mind works.
Should I dissect and analyse? Are you telling the truth or are your words just lies.
Shall I get inside the poets head and rummage around for a while. Shall o read his poem in his rustic local dialect, because I’ve heard him speak out loud.
His voice I hear mimicked inside my head. Have I jumped out from his, and now he’s in my head instead.
Thinking aloud I sometimes digress, for his poetry I really need to digest.

Shall I read his work to my own rules and inspiration, then it will be like he’s talking to me; bugger the rest of the nation.

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