My thoughts are sat on a comfy Sofa #4

For my thoughts to be productive, profound and distinctive I have provided a relaxing comfy sofa in my mind for my thoughts to sit and contemplate.

Well thoughts, what are you thinking with regards covid vaccine and the pressure put on people who have not been vaccinated?

“It is what it is”.

Come on, it’s one of the biggest stories affecting millions throughout the world. Do you agree with demanding that everyone should get vaccinated?


Sorry, what’s that supposed to mean?

“Well it’s simple really. It’s all about assessing the risks and taking the necessary precautions to mitigate and reduce the likelihood of getting Covid”.

Okay, now get down off the fence and give me your thoughts and opinions on the subject.

“I’m sat on a comfy sofa. I can’t even see a fence”.

Funny ha ha. In the words of Kenneth Williams, “ stop messing about”.

“Well, from where I’m sat, like I said it’s about risk. For example if you drive a car you could die in a crash. To reduce the risk you wear a seatbelt. You also make sure you have got good eyesight and that your vehicles windows and mirrors are clear and there is no obstruction to seeing what is around you. You then drive with care taking into account the road conditions, signs and speed limits and the behaviour of other drivers. You have then reduced your risk based on your own behaviour and driving skills. Obviously there are still risks outside your control. So to assist in mitigating these risks, although it doesn’t remove them, you take out insurance. Covid is more or less the same, you look at the risks and take the appropriate action that suits you”.

Okay, so is the vaccine a seatbelt or insurance cover?

“If it becomes a legal requirement then I suppose it would be like a seatbelt. But it’s not like insurance. Insurance is like the NHS, you know, doctors, nurses and health professionals trying to get you well again. No, the vaccine is more like the keeping your car in good working order; making sure your eyesight is good and making sure you observe the Highway Code and other road users. And applying of breaks when there is danger ahead”.

What about those who don’t want the vaccine?

“Everyone has to evaluate the risks. I suppose it’s like you not driving your car on a regular basis, so why would you need to service it and pay for expensive insurance. Or I don’t drive a car so why do I need to bother?”

“We may not drive but we still, well for most people, use the highway as pedestrian’s, or use of transport like busses, trains and taxis. Loosely speaking, it still applies, if only indirectly. We can still be involved in a crash, if we take a risk crossing a busy road without looking where we are going. It’s getting more common people looking and interacting with their phone while walking, taking unnecessary risks. Again it’s assessing the level of risk and doing something about mitigating it. Like using a pelican crossing or designated crossing. Putting your phone away unless your in a safe place to be able to do so. Maybe if we never travel and stay indoors all the time we could consider the risk to be too small to take precautions”.

Right so your saying, if we think the risk is low then we shouldn’t have the need for the vaccine?

“Well, maybe. The choice should be a personal choice to suit the individual”.

But, we are constantly being bombarded with demands to get the vaccine. It seams like people are being ridiculed if they haven’t been vaccinated. In some industries if you haven’t been vaccinated you could lose your job. Restrictions for going to events, travelling or entering tennis competitions are being or have been put into place.

“If we stopped to check that every driver had their seatbelt on, eyes tested an MOT and sufficient tyre tread and extremely effective breaks then we would struggle getting anywhere. I think society is not just looking at our own individual risks and taking precautions, it’s thinking that we have to limit risk collectively. It sound like good common sense to get everyone to do exactly the same. It’s that “I’m not safe till everyone is safe” syndrome. One rule for all, and not just the selected few. Try telling that to all those road users with no MOT, illegal tyres, unserviced vehicles and bad eyesight”

“Should we all do the same to protect each other without having a choice. Should we accept an Orwellian attitude and do it because we have been told too? Have we not strived for a society with a culture of freedom of speech and freedom to make our own choices in life? Should we all still be driving a Ford model T in black. Should we not have our own personal choice to what we put in our own bodies? Should our own personal thoughts be ostracised for the greater good no matter what we want or believe?”

“An interesting perspective, yet in the middle, or hopefully near the end, of a pandemic our and civil liberties seem to be taking a beating. If someone says no to the vaccine, should we really be bullying and using coercion to make them comply against their will? But, …..they are putting us at risk…… I hear people say! Or are they, for example:- if someone walks into the road without looking into moving traffic they are putting themselves and motorists at risk. If the motorist has taken precautions by being observant, keeping their car in a road worthy condition, having their seatbelt on and driving to the road conditions and within speed limits, then they reduce their own risk, and that of the stray pedestrian. The pedestrian who has ignored the risks is by default disadvantaged from that of the motorist who has taken precautions to minimise their risks. But should we not drive till be know that no one can walk into the road?”

“We all have, in a free society, choices and freedom to think. Yes, we have to consider others, stick by the rules and laws, and work collectively at work and within our families. But, should everyone on this planet of ours have to take the vaccine, no ifs no buts? There’s no vaccine against being hit by a car, or for protection from global warming, pollution, hunger, poverty, racism, hate or prejudice. It’s all about choices, priorities and free thinking. I think we have all forgotten to put everything into perspective with a balanced approach. Let’s face it would the world isolate everyone who has cancer and keep them away from the rest of us so we eradicate cancer. Yes I know it’s not contagious like Covid, but we have to be more understanding, considerate and balanced in our approach to the pandemic and peoples individual needs and rights”.

Wow, so you think I should have the vaccine, and not force others to have it then?

“Fill your boots and get yourself vaccinated, wear a face covering, minimise you time in crowded areas, wash your hands and always remember to put your seatbelt on. Reduce your own risk, but remember to live your life. Express your views and opinions to others, but remember they have to make their own decision. Like Aristotle said,………be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in”.

Well, all I can say is, your thoughts are a shot in the arm…

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