Word vomit:

Once in a while my mind just starts putting little ideas and sentences together. It happens when I least expect it. Note pad or notes app on my phone get opened to accept these thoughts. On this occasion the word “pathologist” from something I was watching on TV was the catalyst.
So, let me share my mind with you with my word vomit.

Sometimes I have periods of word vomit…….

I wanted to be a pathologist but ended up flagging.

I wanted to be a cardiologist but ended up buying a jumper.

She said she remembered me from archaeology lessons, but I didn’t Noah.

He said I was a philanthropist, but I had only had one beer.

The Rhinoceros said he couldn’t grow a horn, I think he’s telling stories he just a hypocrite.

The criminal gave me some hard evidence, it was definitely concrete.

In our argument she kept going over old ground, up hill and down dale, she was just rambling.

Then it just stops, like I’ve pulled the plug, leaving me drained.


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