Well I’m sure you want to know all about me. What really, and put you off before you read any of my blog posts?

I’m sure your curiosity is getting the better of you? Then again I don’t blame you. After all that’s why I read other bloggers “about me”.

Well her goes if you can stay awake long enough.

Essentially I’m a techie, all things technical, in the sphere of construction fasteners. See told you, you’re nodding off. If you think of it as a male technical professional that by day provides precise accurate technical advice to international standards and by night throws away these constraints to write freely and creatively as a form of escapism. All my views characters opinions and rants are purely my opinions and do not represent the views or mental rants of others. My words are not meant to be offensive and my characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone alive or dead or any politicians.

I hope my words are thought provoking, amusing and above all entertaining if not, then please go find some other blogger who is more your cup of tea than me, or coffee or hot chocolate or Red Bull (other branded drinks are available).

Oh and one last note, I’m from Yorkshire, so I sometimes say it as it is. Welcome to my bubble.