Barney Bradshaw

Who am I..

Hi everyone, you’re probably wondering who the hell I am. Come to think of it I often hear “who the hell do you think you are”, on a regular basis. Maybe I need to tell people closer to home who I am first. But you’re reading this not them so I’ll start with you. So if you’re sitting comfortably I’ll begin:-

Well let me start by letting you know that I’m a 12 year old lad living in the north with my parents in the Flying Scotsman pub. I also have an older brother who’s at university. I’m sure I’ll tell you more about him in one of my later blogs.

Am I a typical young lad? I hope not, I just want to be me. “You should be more like your brother” nar; he’s he and I am me. I don’t want to be considered as being the next Patrick Bamford (for those of you who are not into football, he’s Leeds United current striker, the team I avidly support), or the next Andy Murray, or Chris Hemsworth, Brian Cox or next Dr Who or commander of the star fleet ship Enterprise or even the Millennium Falcon, I just want to be me.

I don’t want to blend in with the crowd, although sometimes this is a safe thing to do. I also don’t want to stand out in a crowd, those people tend to be show offs a bit like one of my two best makes Kal. Then again he has a blue mohawk so he’s going to stand out. I don’t want to be average or even labelled as normal, standard or common, I just want to be accepted as me, Barney Bradshaw.

So why the blog, why should anyone want to read my ramblings? Well for my age I’m well-travelled and experienced beyond my years. And no I’m not really a self-opinionated old fart, unless your 10 then to you I’m an old bugger. I’m knowledgeable because I’ve travelled and experienced more than any other lad of my age or lads much as Oder than me. Why because I’m a traveller in time, and not in physical distance. “Yeah right, lad you’re a nutter” I can hear you now, please don’t mock!

Want to know more? Well, just keep popping back and reading my blogs.

Thank you.