Blank page……….


Yeah, yeah, been there done that. The proverbial blank page alluding to a lack of creativity. It sits there waiting for art or media to strike or pen to make its mark. The blank pixels on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone screen are more corrosive than the void of a black hole.

The more we try the less action occurs. Creativity not just takes a back seat; it fell out at the last services stop. But how do we go back and collect it. Will it still be there residing in a cheap room in the motel? Or will it be the victim of roadkill, devoured by magpies and crows.

So how do I start to populate the blank expanse? What seeds do I plant and how long will it take for them to germinate? Or did I inadvertently spray weed killer prior to planting the seeds of consciousness?

Maybe I need to step backwards and retreat from the creative battlefield. Regroup and go back to barracks to formulate a new strategy. Rethink my plan of attack, rather than stare into the abyss of that insipid blank sheet of paper or screen.

It’s a chicken and egg moment in an abstract way. The blank page is there to hatch the egg, only if the creative and inspirational chicken is present.

Blank is good. Clean, pure and uncluttered. It’s like a field covered in freshly fallen snow with not even a blade of grass puncturing the surface. It’s tranquil and calm. It covers up blemishes making a uniform clean landscape. There may not be any colour, yet we rejoice in its beauty. An icy cold environment that warms our heart.


If you have an essay, technical document or deadline for a piece of art or novel, then the blank canvas, paper or word document is almost unavoidable. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we’ll not all the time. It’s like those occasions where you can’t remember the answer to a question, a song title or actors name in a film. So, you switch off and go and do something else or even go to bed. It’s only later when out of the blue the answer arrives. Unfortunately, it’s usually too late to add it to the conversation or exam paper.

The same method can achieved when trying to spark your imagination or creativity. Do something else, go make and eat a lemon curd and cheese sandwich. Walk the dog, wash the car or do some housework, anything to distract your mind. (Students do this all the time, sometimes excessively winding the clock down to give insufficient time to physically write the paper, but that’s another story). If you have the time and space to do this method, it works, well it works for me. However, I need access to a notebook or the Notes app on my phone to jot the idea down. It reminds me of the jotter book I, and everyone in my class had at school. It might have been full of doodles and scribble, but there were also those little nuggets of inspiration.

Like a blank expression or a poker face, a blank page just hides the creativity that’s about to transform it.


It has hidden depths and open to new meaning, knowledge and art waiting to be discovered. Like a ghost, ghoul or scary monster being frightening until you turn it around and on its head for Halloween or a Halloween party, a blank page is something not to be scared of. Find your method and enjoy.


Late night BLOGGING

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“Oh, you blog, do you?”

 Eyes glaze over, eye contact lost, and an immediate race to change the subject. At time’s it feel like your into clandestine activities that can only be performed secretly in the dead of night. It make me think it’s at the dirty end of the literary spectrum. 

         Vlogging is seen as super cool, inspirational and aspirational. It can catapult and individual to stardom. Many have millions of followers and become household names and even end up on the BBC’s “Strictly come dancing”. 

        Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can expedite a mass following and help relaunch faded celebrities and enhance and develop others. It can be a platform to express ones opinions and views and a selling tool for books, concerts and merchandise. There’s is an insatiable desire to transport yourself into the virtual stratosphere of social media. A media that we all dabble in, young and old, famous or obscure, rich or poor. It’s one of modern life’s great levellers. Warts and all unfortunately.

        So what about blogging. Even this one for example. Is it an, “we’ve moved on from blogging”, or “that’s twee”. 

         For me, I believe that blogging it’s a more considered medium rather that a “of the moment”, rapid response with limited shelf life. It’s an essay a poem or short story transmitted into the ether perpetuating itself so it can be read wherever and whenever. It can still express an opinion, be a rant and of the moment but with a longer shelf life. An example of this is a blog I wrote in 2018 celebrating the 213th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. A very short blog with an excerpt from one of his poems. I’ve just check my blog statistics and so far in 2021 it’s recorded 4 times more readers than the year I published it. 

      “But why blog?”

       Now that’s a loaded question, simple but loaded. For me I have a technically demanding job, so writing is escapism a creative outlet. That doesn’t explain blogging though.

       Writing can be a very insular and private experience. It can catapult your mind into a whole new world, your own bubble, as it were. It’s probably why so many people engage in writing to combat mental health. I even contributed to a book in support of mental health charities where many of the contributors wrote for similar reasons. 

       It can be a very spiritual and relaxing pastime. It may not alway generate quality literary pieces but it can still convey the writers thoughts, experiences and creative imagination.     

       So why move from word/text document stored on your device or written on paper to being published on your very own blog? It seems strange when the process of writing can be very personal and private. A whole range of reasons encourages the author down this route. Blogs can be started from a desire to get recognition for what you’ve written or to be able to judge and analyse your work from comments generated. Self adulation and the desire to become a well known blogger can also be a driving force. It can be a route and platform to showcase your work if your trying to get poetry or a novel published. On the other hand blogs are also a way of expressing your views and opinions, rants and reviewing music, books or the arts. 

       For me it’s almost a creative pressure valve. I’m not a prolific writer with a strict daily routine pumping out daily or even weekly posts. It’s much more sporadic than that for me. I can produce a lot of work in a short period of time and then nothing for weeks or even months. But when I do have my creative splurge I need to post at least one piece. It sometimes makes me wonder why I’m writing if no one actually reads it. So posting selective work adds the “reason why”.

       On the other side of the coin reading blogs can be informative and educational, but most of all, well in my case, inspirational and a unique way to get to know what other writers and like minded people are producing. 

      So if you spend time streaming tv and films or watch YouTube or Facebook videos, just take a break and read some blogs and maybe just maybe you’ll find the desire to wake up your own creativity.

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