My thoughts are sat on a comfy Sofa #2

For my thoughts to be productive, profound and distinctive I have provided a relaxing comfy sofa in my mind for my thoughts to sit and contemplate.

Go on then thoughts how significant am I. Having just watched Brian Cox’s Adventures in space and time, being informed about or recent past exploration into space, must make you think? Man landing on the Moon and our plans for man to go to Mars while my thoughts are sat on the sofa I have provided. So thoughts, how significant or insignificant am I?

That’s a good question. But, I need more context than just a TV program. Your comparing something that’s so vast with limited information about it with my consciousness. I think therefore I am, or the original “je pense, donc je suis”, in French, by the philosopher René Descartes or the Latin “Cogito, ergo sum”.

So I’m thinking so I exist and you know I exist. So that’s significant, even though I can’t be seen by anyone even you. You know I exist because you’ve asked a question and I’m pondering the reply. No one can see me not even you. Yet, I exist just as the moon in the night sky, Mars and the vast array of specks of light in the universe. Those specks we call stars have their own planets and each plant may or may not have signs of life. Even if that life is on a subatomic level or single cell level, life may probably exist. That’s something we can’t see but we know from science and human understanding they may exist. Well yes, Mars is a little less obvious than the moon when looking with the naked eye, but if you know what you’re looking for and where and when to look you’ll see it.

Remember the film “Miracle on 34th street”, and the judges summing up about the American Dollar and “in god we trust”. Again, we are trusting in the existence of something we cannot see, so you should trust in me.

I exist and I express myself in the form of your written or spoken words, with you being the conduit and medium in which I deliver my expressions of being. Without me you wouldn’t be able to compute a response based on your inner knowledge and life experiences. My existence in your mind, here on my sofa, is without doubt. I am significant. I know I exist therefore I am.

No doubt you want me to compare you with the vastness of space and the cosmos from one end of the outer reaches of existence to the other side of the far depths of infinity. Or has Buzz Lightyear would say “to infinity and beyond”. But like l’ve just told you we exist. I exist and as far as I know what you and I believe to be the expanse of space may just be a construct of your thoughts and imagination. (What a minute that’s my job, he he). After all, the centre of the universe is here sat on this sofa. Not that it’s a very comfy sofa, next time please consult me so you get the right one!

I only asked a perplexing question that has baffled and confused many from philosophers, astrophysicists to the man in the pub. My thoughts ramble on and give me a non answer, or rather a very convoluted self-deprecating opinion. I wanted deep meaningful discussion. Maybe next time I need to ask a less contentious question.

Go on ask your thoughts the same question. I hope you get a more desirable answer.

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