My thoughts are sat on a comfy Sofa #5

Copyright Pixabay

For my thoughts to be productive, profound and distinctive, I have provided a relaxing comfy sofa in my mind for my thoughts to sit and contemplate.

Well I need to think about what to buy for my evening meal. Thoughts what do you think?

“I’m glad you asked, as I need to keep myself alert and focused so eating junk is a no no”.

Surely it depends on what my taste buds fancy. Maybe a fully loaded meat feast pizza.

“Protein and saturated fat overload. Are you wanting me to doze off?”

It’s what I fancy at the moment, nothing wrong with a nice pizza every now and then.

“I agree, it’s nice to indulge every now and then. But does it have to be fully loaded? Does it have to be a full 10 inch pizza, all to yourself? Do you have to choose one that’s starch from the base, fatty dairy products and full of piles of processed meat”.

Yeah, nom. Your thoughts are making me salivate. Decision made then?


Why ever not? Don’t be a spoil sport. I need to let my hair down once in a while.

“All that fat will eventually ooze from the pores and your follicles soaking your hair making it greasy. That is if all that fat and cholesterol can find it’s way from coating the walls of your arteries, reducing the passage of blood. This in turn reduces the oxygen levels that can be distributed around your body and ultimately to your brain. Making your thoughts, that is me, less responsive”.

You’re getting that mixed up with feeling full, satisfied and content.

“No! You’re getting that feeling mixed up with risk of a potential heart attack, and prolonged health issues. Reducing your ability to run and do strenuous activities and even simple things like walking. You’re going to put on weight. You’ll be prone to other illnesses especially to your major organs. But, I suppose if your talking about one single meal, then you’ll potentially be okay, perhaps”.

But I like pizza.

“I know. I’m not saying don’t have pizza. I’m not stopping you having deep pan fully loaded meat feast. Just don’t keep stuffing in every last little bit. Eat less. Have half with a side salad. Or opt for a thinner base and select a combination of meat and vegetables. Less cheese is also a good option. You’ll still enjoy the pizza and so will your body. It’s something to think about and in turn will help me think about, we’ll everything. Like they say healthy body and healthy mind!”

Well, I suppose it’s something to consider. What if, I have the full pizza today and opt for a nice salad or vegetarian meal tomorrow. Then again I only indulge in a full sized pizza once a month anyway. You know me I like to have a well balanced diet.

“Okay, but make sure you do have a balanced diet. Otherwise if your gut gets too big, your balance will go and you’ll fall over”.

Comment noted. Let’s hope you are less responsive one I’ve eaten it. It might stop you nagging at me.


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